Ombre Steamed Milk Cake | Kek Kukus Susu Ombre

This cake is delicious! its fluffy and moist at the same time. I have tried many recipe like this because my grandmother love steamed cake. After so may trial, I finally get the perfect texture, flavour and sweetness to my liking. I shared this recipe with you guys! Hope you will love it!

The tips on how to get this cake perfect, down below.


  1. Make sure all ingredients are in room temperature
  2. Use fold in method instead mix the flour and oil with mixer, this will help you to get more fluffy cake and prevent higher chance for it to collapse.
  3. Mix a little bit of the mixture with melted butter and condense milk, then only fold it into the mixture. This help them to mix well.
  4. Boil the water in steamer then only set it to medium heat, this will help it to bake even.
  5. Wrap your steamer cover with cloth, to prevent water drop on cake.




Ombre Steamed Milk Cake | Kek Kukus Susu Gebu Ombre


  • 4 eggs | 4 biji telur
  • 120g sugar | 120g gula
  • 1 teaspoon cake emulsifier | 1 sudu teh ovallette
  • 100g all purpose flour | 100g tepung gandum
  • 1 teaspoon baking powder | 1 sudu teh serbuk penaik
  • a pinch of salt | secubit garam
  • 30g milk powder | 30g susu tepung
  • 3 tablespoon condense milk | 3 sudu besar susu pekat
  • 100g butter | 100g mentega


  1. Mix eggs, sugar and cake emulsifier until fluffy and pale color. | Pukul telur, gula dan ovallette sehingga gebu dan warna pucat.
  2. Sieve flour, baking powder, milk powder and salt into mixture| Tapis tepung, serbuk penaik, tepung susu dan garam ke dalam adunan.
  3. Use fold in method, make sure they combined well, very important! | Gunakan kaedah kaup balik sehingga adunan betul betul campur sempurna, penting!
  4. Take a little bit of the mixture and put in melted butter and condense milk, mix well and fold it in back into the mixture until well combined | Ambil sedikit adunan dan campurkan kedalam mentega cair dan susu pekat. Kacau hingga sebati dan kaup balik kedalam adunan sehingga sebati.
  5. Put baking paper on bottom and brush some butter on cake tin side (16cmX16cm). | Letakkan kertas minyak di bawah dan sapukan butter di sekitar loyang ( 16cmX16cm)
  6. Boil the water in steamer, then turn it to medium heat. Steam first and second layer for 13 minutes and 20 minutes for last layer.| Didih air di dalam pengukus dan tukar kepada api sederhana. Kukus lapisan pertama dan kedua selama 13 minit dan 20 minit untuk lapisan terakhir.
  7. Remove from cake tin and let it cool before cut.| Keluarkan dari loyang dan biarkan ia sejuk sebelum potong.
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thank you, enjoy the recipe!


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