Pandan Donut Recipe | Resepi Donat Pandan

Donut, I bet most of people on earth have tried them but have you tried PANDAN DONUT! Haha. As an Asian I appreciate the use of Pandan leaf in many asian cuisines. Its versatile, use for dessert and also savory. I must say donut is like vanilla in Europe. It has it own taste, sweet aromatic smell. If you never tried pandan before you missed most precious natural food flavouring.


  1. Use rub in method to combined butter and flour, this helps in donut’s texture
  2. Use pandan emulco instead pandan flavouring. Pandan emulco is much thicker consistency and taste.
  3. Use colouring if needed.
  4. Elastic dough help it to stay fluffy and soft longer.
  5. You may use wheat or bread flour. Bread flour has more gluten, hence make it more fluffier and less time to knead especially if you knead it by hand.
  6. Use low heat while frying but make sure the oil hot before frying.
  7. To test either the oil ready by putting a chopstick or a little bit of dough, if it bubble and float means it ready.
  8. Dont coat the donut with sugar while it still hot.




Pandan Donut Recipe | Resepi Donat Pandan


  • 7g yeast | 7g yis
  • 30g condense milk| 30g susu pekat
  • 130g warm water | 130g air suam
  • 1 teaspoon pandan emulco | 1 sudu kecil pandan emulco
  • 270g bread/wheat flour | 270g tepung roti/gandum
  • 1 teaspoon baking powder | 1 sudu kecil serbuk penaik
  • 30g butter | 30 mentega
  • a pinch of salt | secubit garam
  • green colouring if needed| pewarna hijau jika perlu
  • sugar for coating | gula untuk saduran donut


  1. Mix warm water, condense milk and yeast. Let it bubble | Campur air suam, susu pekat dan yis biarkan ia berbuih.
  2. Pour in pandan emulco into yeast mixture| campurkan pandan emulco kedalam campuran yis.
  3. In a bowl, mix flour with baking powder and salt| Di dalam mangkuk, campurkan tepung, serbuk penaik dan garam.
  4. Use rub in method to combined well flour mixture and butter| Sebatikan campuran tepung dan mentega menggunakan kaedah gaul dan ramas.
  5. Pour in the yeast mixture and pandan emulco into the bowl. | Tuangkan campuran yis dan pandan emulco ke dalam mangkuk.
  6. Knead until it elastic & smooth surface. | Uli hingga ia elastik & permukaanya licin.
  7. Cover & let it double in size | Tutup dan biarkan ia kembang 2 kali ganda.
  8. Degas the dough. | Buangkan angin dari adunan.
  9. Flatten the dough and cut use donut cutter | Ratakan adunan dan tekap munggunakan acuan bulat.
  10. Rest for 5 -10 minutes depend on your weather| Rehatkan selama 5-10 minit bergantung pada cuaca.
  11. Fry donuts between low to medium heat | Goreng donat antara suhu rendah dan sederhana
  12. Coat donut in sugar | Sadurkan donat dengan gula.
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22 thoughts on “Pandan Donut Recipe | Resepi Donat Pandan

  1. Martha

    Thank you. I’ve never made it, but I will try. Also thank you for using both languages. I’m getting my native tongue back by reading it.

  2. Kayley

    Sounds interesting will love to give it a try! But can i know how long does it take for the dough to double in size and do we leave the dough out in the kitchen to rise?

    1. Atiqah Post author

      Thank you. well it depend on the weather. If you stay in a cold weather place it might take longer.If your place is warmer, I think 30 minutes to 1 hour is enough. To be safe you will need to check on your dough size. not depending on the time, it vary depend on the surrounding temperature. the warmer the place the lesser time it take to double in size.

  3. Mai

    Can you use pandan extract? I also have the pandan leaves in my freezer, can I make the pandan emulco from that? If so how? And do you have the nutritional values for this donut, ie calories?

    1. Atiqah Post author

      yes you can use pandan extract, but you may need to increase the amount. Im sorry its impossible to make emulco without proper machine. I dont have the nutritional values for this recipe.

  4. Kat

    thank you for your awesome recipe. this is the best donut I have ever made. I follow all your tips and the donut is so fluffy but next time im sure to use mixer haha.

  5. Kurnia

    I’m interested to make this doughnut for my kids. How about not using baking powder? Because i want to use only natural ingrediants for them. Thank you…

    1. Atiqah Post author

      i have seen your post on instagram, congratulation on successfully bake them! you may omit the baking powder but the texture will be slightly different.

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