Nutella Steam Bun | Pau Nutella

I used to work in a restaurant as a pastry chef there. Its a traditional asian cuisine with modern twist, one of the menu was nutella steam bun.

For months I need to this steam bun! everyday I make mistakes and I try to improvise it! so this is my own recipe that  I have improvise, hence homebaker can easily follow it and have a good result. Please watch the video to see correct technique. It a very easy recipe to follow.

Please try and let me know how it turn out:)


Nutella Steam Bun | Pau Nutella


  • Nutella
  • 190g all purpose flour | 190g tepung serbaguna
  • 3g yeast | 3g yis
  • 1/3 teaspoon baking powder | 1/3 sudukecil serbuk penaik
  • 15g sugar | 15g gula
  • a pinch of salt | secubit garam
  • 100g water | 100g air
  • 15g vegetable oil | 15g minyak sayuran


  1. Freeze Nutella using silicon mold or baking paper | Bekukan Nutella menggunakan bekas silikon atau kertas minyak.
  2. Mix all dry ingredient with wet ingredients. | Campur semua bahan kering dan basah.
  3. Knead for about 10 minutes until get a smooth surface (refer the video to see the correct technique) | Uli adunan selama 10 minit hingga permukaanya licin ( sila lihat video untuk teknik yang betul)
  4. Let the dough rest & double it size | Biarkan adunan rehat dan kembang 2 kali ganda.
  5. Degas the dough.| Uli untuk keluarkan angin dari adunan.
  6. Divide equally to 10 pieces. | Bahagi adunan kepada 10 biji.
  7. Let it rest for 5 minutes| Biarkan ia rehat selama 5 minit.
  8. Flatten the side part only and put in the nutella filling, gently close it| Leperkan bahagian tepi sahaja dan letak inti Nutella. Picit dan tutupkan pau.
  9. Use cupcake paper or baking paper on bottom and let it rest for 20 minutes, cover the dough. | Gunakan kertas kek cawan atau kertas minyak di bahagian bawah pau, tutup pau dan biarkan ia rehat selama 20 minit.
  10. Steam at medium heat for 13 minutes. | Kukus pada suhu sederhana selama 13 minit.
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