3 Ingredients Easy Molten Chocolate Lava Cake Recipe | Resepi Kek Coklat Lava 3 Bahan

This recipe is inspired by all beginner baker. Its so easy! 3 ingredients only! All you need to do is measure, mix all ingredients together, bake and enjoy!

Who doesn’t love molten chocolate lava cake, most classic dessert that still amaze people until now. Warm, oozing chocolate from the middle. The secret here is to know your oven well. As we all know different oven may has different temperature. So if you have problem with your oven, you may want to invest on an oven temperature. This give you more accurate temperature from the inside. You can buy this thermometer from Amazon or Ebay.

You may use any chocolate spread. I have been testing this recipe with cheap chocolate spread and slightly expensive. Both work. So you may use any of your favourite chocolate spread!

I love to put a little bit of salt. Salt make it balance in taste, creamy salty molten lava cake, YUMMM! Make sure you butter the ramekin bowl so the cake can come out easily!



3 Ingredients Easy Molten Lava Cake Recipe | Resepi Kek Coklat Lava 3 Bahan


  • 1/3 cup chocolate spread | 1/3 cawan coklat spread
  • 1 medium egg | 1 telur sederhana
  • 1 tablespoon all purpose flour | 1 sudu besar tepung gandum
  • *optional, couple pinch of salt |*pilihan, secubit dua garam


  1. Preheat the oven at 180C. | Panaskan oven pada suhu 180C.
  2. Whisk egg and chocolate spread until homogeneous. | Pukul telur dan coklat spread sehingga sebati
  3. Mix well flour into the chocolate mixture. | Campur sebati tepung dan campuran coklat.
  4. Butter the ramekin bowl. | Sapu butter pada bekas ramekin.
  5. Pour in the cake mixture into ramekin bowl. | Tuangkan campuran kek ke dalam bekas ramekin
  6. Bake at 180C for 12-14 minutes. | Bakar pada suhu 180C selama 12-14 minit.
  7. Directly serve it after baked. | Sedia terus untuk dihidang.
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