Im Atiqah Dzulkefli. Im an engineer turn Pastry Chef. Curently working as an R&D at a agriculture company in the Netherlands. I have been working at few hotels and restaurant in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I must say I have quite a knowledge on pastry but  that Im an amateur cook for savory, blogger and photographer. Everything that  I posted here is self-though and I know I have way many things to learn. So dont shy to comment to give your opinions and suggestions.

Growing up, i ate a lot of flavorsome food! Just because my mom and aunts are great cook!  I’m so lucky to be fed by their tasty food, wonder why I’m so chubby with loves 🙂

Baking and Photography has always been my passion.  Lately I developed new interest in asian traditional dishes. Some of the recipes I developed myself and other are from my dear family and friends.

GulaSage. Gula means sugar. While Sage has several meaning. Usually,  people will think about the herb. Here Sage means ‘guru’ or ‘master’, easy mean spiritual expert. Im not a master but I want to be one and I have always been a spiritual as a person. GulaSage will always remind me of that!!  10653320_10152406453586914_3876613479152492940_n


Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions, would like to see certain recipes here on the blog, or just to say hi- I’d love to hear from you. Email: info@gulasage.com